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Fábrica Touca de banho da China

Ningbo Yiduo Plastic Products Co., Ltd is a factory that produces shower caps. We manufacture various shower caps. With the improvement of quality of life, people began to lean towards more hygienic and healthy showers and shower caps were also developed at this time. In order to prevent hair from getting wet or prevent water from entering the ears, people invented a waterproof cap used to wrap hair and ears. For catering to different preferences of customers, the appearance of our showers caps we made is beautiful, fashionable and with high quality.

According to different classifications, shower caps can be divided into many types. If classified by material, there are PE shower caps, EVA shower caps, polyester shower caps, satin shower caps and so on. If classified by usage frequency, there are disposable shower caps and non disposable shower caps. If classified by age, there are kids’ shower caps and adult shower caps. In addition, there are single-layer and double-layer shower caps and the double-layer shower cap has an inner lining, which will be more waterproof and thick.

We have been a supplier of shower caps for many years and most of our customers have customized needs. Our company have customized shower caps for many customers in terms of size, material, printing, color and more. As long as you send us the customization details, we will draw a sketch according to your requirements for your confirm or you can send the design file directly to us for production.

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Touca de banho

Touca de banho

Nossa fábrica está localizada em Ningbo, uma bela região oriental da província de Zhejiang e é uma das quatorze cidades costeiras abertas. A empresa Yiduo produz toucas de banho há mais de uma década. Nossas toucas de banho fabricadas na China são vendidas tanto no mercado interno quanto no internacional. Esta touca de banho PEVA é a mais vendida devido ao seu design exterior simples e alta qualidade. Nós fabricamos diferentes tipos de toucas de banho, como toucas de banho de cetim, toucas de banho peva, toucas de banho PVA e assim por diante. Se você estiver interessado em nossos produtos, não hesite em nos contatar a qualquer momento.

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Fábrica e fabricantes Touca de banho da China - Yiduo. Nossos Touca de banho são baratos, em estoque, os mais novos, elegantes e duráveis ​​e as últimas vendas produzidas por nossa fábrica foram bem recebidas pelos clientes. Bem-vindo ao comprar desconto Touca de banho de nossa fábrica, podemos oferecer aos clientes produtos de alta qualidade, serviço personalizado, amostra grátis e cotação.
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